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rlw | Robin Lincoln Wood's website

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“Robin is a rare person with enormous energy and creativity. He was one of the ‘rock stars’ of the dot.com boom and added substance to Ernst & Young’s practice in this critical area of consulting and wealth creation.”

Roger Camrass, Partner Ernst and Young

“Robin is an expert in his field who never fails to deliver the attributes needed from a guest speaker.”

Dave Daniels, Celebrity Speakers Associates

“Robin is a published author and a skilled complexity thinker of the highest order. He is able to bring his global insights to organizations and leadership at the most senior levels, especially for the purposes of sustainability and climate change.”

Marilyn Hamilton, President, Sustainable Cities, Jury member, The Globe Awards

“Robin Wood inspires as an evolutionary leader, gathering people, knowledge, creativity, innovations, know-how, and new systems, bringing business genius to the business of planetary evolution.  Like a Medici of the 21st century he serves as a catalyst for the next Renaissance for a new world, a “thriving global civilization on a thriving planet.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard – Futurist & Author: “Conscious Evolution”

 Life Story

• Robin has lived and worked in 35 countries on 4 continents
• Through his passion for transformation and healthy globalisation, Robin has helped a few hundred of the world’s largest organisations catalyze beneficial change
• His lifelong passion for the Environmental and Social Justice means he’s been an activist for 40 years, including leading the campaign for Nelson Mandela’s release
• 22 years ago he worked with the World Bank to develop the first sustainable energy strategy for the first Rio conference
• 20 years ago he helped to create the modern Internet and what we now know as E-Business
• Robin has been advising business and political leaders at all levels since then, as an integrally informed practitioner, social entrepreneur and integral leader
• Since creating the Renaissance2 Foundation in 2008 at La Tour Apollinaire, his green Chateau in France, Robin has now founded a new Foundation in London to help leaders make more ThriveAble decisions through the ThriveAbility Index.


2008-2014   •    ThriveAbility


2003-2013   •    Oasis Project & Renaissance2


1999-2002   •    Managing Complexity


1994-1999   •    The Rise of the Digital Economy


1990-1994   •    Sustainable Organizational Transformation


1982-1989   •    The Rise of Information Technology


1975-1981   •    Campaigning against Apartheid


Early Influences  •    Keeping Sandton Clean, Green and Serene




The Trouble with Paradise

Funny and insightful, The Trouble with Paradise is a delightful romp through the latest breakthroughs in science, psychology, popular culture and the evolution of our species. Its aim is to help you thrive amongst the exciting yet alarming developments of the 21st century. The Trouble with Paradise answers some of the hardest questions posed by the biggest thinkers on earth, as well as offering solutions to the toughest challenges of our time. It is an intellectual tour de force as well as a gripping read that challenges our deepest assumptions about life, the universe and everything. At the same time, you will find a series of powerful arguments as to how our species can break through the current crisis, to co-create a 21st century version of heaven on earth…

BUY NOW (North America)

BUY NOW (Europe/ROW)

“Dr Robin Wood talks to Alex Howard about some of the principles in his new book “The Trouble with Paradise.” Highlights include: 2:09 – Collaborative capitalism 9:22 – People wake up, and then they leave the corporate world, taking their potential to influence change with them 12:09 – Ken Wilber’s a ‘A Theory of Everything’



The Great Shift is an inspiring exploration into the next stages of evolution of our human civilization. In it you will find frameworks and methods for personal, organizational and social alignment. The innovation principles: renewable energy, resilient habitats, enlightened enterprises, integral governance together with wise cultures and conscious evolution will be the engines of transformation that catalyse a second renaissance on our planet…



Lifeshift 2020 is a companion volume of the Great Shift. It’s purpose is to provide a workbook where you can design your life to be able to take advantage of the opportunities being created by the rapid evolutionary space where now in. Is your life aligned to what the future will bring? Find out…



Managing complexity is a guide for leaders of all organizations as to how they can survive and thrive in the coming decades. It provides an overview on the key principles of the digital economy that is one of the most transformative forces in the 21st century. The science and the technology that drive key decision making are also comprehensively reviewed and the Future Step strategy methodology together with the Organizational Alignment Wheel for corporate transformation are explained in great depth…



“Robin’s frank and innovative analysis created a burning platform for the firm and set the stage for the development of all EY’s global plans”

David Reed, Vice Chairman Ernst and Young International

“Robin is one of the most advanced strategic thinkers and visionaries that I know of, able to apply his thought processes to a variety of eclectic challenges. With a broad tapestry of experience and unparalleled talent in his field, Robin’s ability to focus on value creation is second to none. As a mentor Robin is truly exceptional – never judging, always encouraging and always willing to spend quality time to help a good cause.

Nicholas Davies, Director and Group CTO at Lombard Risk Management plc

“Robin’s style was a key factor in the success of the project- he displayed great strategic thinking and was a powerful catalyst in creating strategic dialogue at the most senior levels in the President’s office. Robin is a genius and earned our trust”

Sharon Smoski- Corporate Planning Director- State Farm Insurance

“Robin is one of the brightest and most energetic people I know. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of many different subjects, a finger in many pies – a modern polymath and man of affairs combined. Whatever you do with him, you will come out the richer for it”

Rogan Etheredge, CEO, Quant Financial

“Robin is a rare person with enormous energy and creativity. He was one of the ‘rock stars’ of the dot.com boom and added substance to Ernst & Young’s practice in this critical area of consulting and wealth creation.”

Roger Camrass, Partner Ernst and Young

“Robin, has always been one step ahead of the curve. His understanding of people, cultures and profit ensure he’s always adding value. I first had the pleasure from learning from Robin whilst he was at E&Y. Each and every project worked on has been a delight and you can easily see why CEO’s around the world want his insights and advice. I very much look forward to working with Robin again soon”

Ali Mirza, Managing Partner, Spirit Integrated Advertising

Robin is a challenging visionary thinker and doer. He also has his feet firmly on the ground, having long experience in the corporate and business school worlds and as an entrepreneur. He has that human generosity and warmth that makes for a good leader, facilitator and colleague.

Bruce Nixon, Author, Consultant, Former HR Director at Royal Sun Alliance

“Robin has been crucial in driving a process that unlocks current models, captures the information we have, and then creatively generates new models …we have also built a great deal of teamwork from the FutureStep approach”.

Glenn Osaka- Vice President- Hewlett Packard